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How do we best shape and identify opportunities for innovation? Proenza highlighted interactive steps he believes are necessary to create and add value and innovation that enables student success and improve the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities UA serves: n Understand and demonstrate that universities are capable of deploying broad-based “tool chests” in response to changing world market needs, recognizing that the human condition and the challenges of our times require a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach focused on the common good; n Be prepared to function as a creative integrator of allof the world’s learning resources, particularly digital resources and to assess and appropriately credential learning and capabilities regardless of how that knowledge was acquired; n Embracing collaborative knowledge production through an “Open Innovation” approach; n Continuing to create adequate incentives and other creative ways for everyone to share in the University’s successes; n UA must do everything it can to drive economic development in the region, ensuring that the University is relevant, connected and productive; n Pursuing new business models, including such innovations as shared services, consolidation, alliances and partnerships, meeting the objectives of the University System of Ohio; and n Continue to define and refine the New Gold Standard in higher education and demonstrate that excellence is based on outcomes and impact rather than exclusivity, isolation and expense. “These are challenging steps,” Proenza said, “but they are achievable, and I am convinced they are absolutely necessary. I also am convinced, as we say in Vision 2020 that “…we will become a leader in globally competitive clusters of innovation and entrepreneurship, maximizing human potential in a dynamic environment of inclusive excellence.” | 3 | A MAGAZINE FOR ALUMNI & FRIENDS OF THE UNIVERSIT Y OF AKRON “ The central theme of our plan is ‘Student success is our success!’ precisely because so much of our demonstrable excellence reflects that which we enable our students to achieve.” — DR. LUIS M. PROENZA www.uakron.edu

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