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d ietary s upplements n oW B rand 20% e ntire l ine Y our H ome for P astured m eats f eaturing m icHigan -r aised B eef , P ork & P oultrY off & W ellness 20% e ntire l ine f lax o ils s pectrum off Peacock m ultidopHilus 12 $ 12.99 50 caps p roBiotic $ Fresh Amish Turkey Order your today! fresh turkey Call 734-996-8111 $ r escue r emedy 20 ml B acH Per lb. The same fresh turkey we’ve offered for 25 years! 2.49 $ 49 14.99 16.99 90 taBs Miller Amish W ellness f ormula s ource n aturals $ H ealtH Whole Chicken Roasters No antibiotics ever! H and & B ody l otions K iss m y f ace 1 Rosebush, MI Per lb. Michigan Organic Pork Sausage Assorted varieties $ 99 8 Manchester, MI Per lb. Lamb Farm Leg of Lamb Bone-in Half $ 99 8 Per lb. 20% e ntire l ine off 20% e ntire l ine s HoWer G el s Hi K ai Smart Chicken off Organic Drums & Thighs Certified-humane $ 49 Boneless Per lb. 3-4 lb. avg. 4 All-natural Netted Turkey Breast Betsy’s $ $ 99 Aunt 99 Chicken Breasts Brighton, MI Per Per lb. lb. Boneless, skinless 4 6 Per lb. n ature ’ s G ate 20% e ntire l ine t ootHpaste off Premium, all-natural Pork Tenderloins 1 1/2-2 lb. avg. $ 99 4 Beeler’s Pork Per lb. Breakfast Sausage $ 99 16 oz., Plain or Maple 4 Beeler’s Spiral-sliced Ham Bone-in, Half $ 99 5 Per lb.

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